BBS Textfiles: The Mindvox Collection

In 1992, Patrick Kroupa (Lord Digital of the Legion of Doom) released a document called "Voices in My Head", which announced to the world the forming of a new BBS/ISP called "Mindvox". In this document (reprinted below), Kroupa created a mind-blowing narrative of his own journey from the dawning days of BBSes to the present, discussing not only his own personal experiences, but the conclusions and ideas he had come up with for how to improve the world online and offline. What had begun as a simple "we're open" seemed to encompass many of the issues and ideas of an online generation.

As befitting its tribute to the BBS days of old, the file was quickly passed through a multitude of internet and dial-up sites, showing up in file directories the country over. It was even reprinted in a number of publications, including Wired. Through this spreading word, the New York City-located MindVox (also known as Phantom Access Technologies) began to bring on users and grow in size. The peak user base was about three thousand people, considered by some to be the cream of the online crop: old-school hackers, writers, artists, law enforcement agents, and a cross-section of New Yorkers using Mindvox to get on the Internet and get their e-mail at

The MindVox BBS closed its doors in July of 1996, a victim of a number of forces, including the encroachment of huge-scale players like MCI, Mindspring and AT&T into their market. But while MindVox itself had shut down, the mystique around the BBS never went away. Users (and non-users) continue to remember the name and the high-quality online experience it hinted at and often delivered.

This section is a collection of various-era MindVox documents, including Frequently Asked Questions Lists, menu captures, and sections of message bases. Together, they give a small glimpse into the unique world that was MindVox.

All materials are (C) Copyright 1991-2001, MindVox, Inc. and are posted on with their permission. Please contact MindVox if you wish to duplicate them.

Description of the Textfile
DOCUMENTSMindvox System Documents (Information Files)
FAQMindvox Frequently Asked Questions Files
FORUMSCaptures of MindVox Public Sub-Boards, 1993
MANUALFirst Draft of an Unfinished Mindvox Manual by Patrick Kroupa
MENUSMindvox System Menus for Users and Administrators
UNSEENLogs of Mindvox from Unseen (1993)
intro 6477
An Introduction to the Thoughtscape of Mindvox
main 159
Mindvox ASCII Logo
mindvox.words.txt 28712
The Mindvox "Words" Collection: The Prompt Easter Eggs Listing
thecredits.txt 5735
The MindVox Credits List: Contributors and Sources for the MindVox BBS
voices.txt 66115
Voices In My Head: MindVox: The Overture by Patrick Karel Kroupa (Lord Digital) (1992)
voxbanner 808
MindVox ASCII Banner (1997)

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