Occult: Christianity and Bible Study

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6bib.txt 4115
Western Wisdom Bible Study: Learning to Walk with Love
72.txt 8341
Schemhamphorasch: 72 Fold Name of God and Angels of the Quinaries
7lawnoah.txt 4386
Promoting Justice: One of the Seven Laws of Noah by R. James Scott Trimm
abs_cd.txt 8632
Brief Review of American Bible Society CD-ROM by Robert Kraft, University of Pennsylvania (May 19, 1992)
acrophil.txt 5248
The Lost Books of The Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden
adam_god.txt 84578
Adam is God? By Chris A. Ulachos: Brigham Young's False Teaching: Adam is God (January 16, 1993)
alm.bom 493399
The Book of Alma, The Son of Alma
angldmon.txt 3786
Angels and Demons: An Overview
anticrst.occ 17494
Extensive Discussion of the Antichrist
antijees.txt 3328
Some Stories Put Together To Take Apart Jesus by T. S. Bennett (1989)
antimorm.txt 104336
The Jesus of Christianity vs. The Jesus of Mormonism
antisemi.txt 5120
Commentary: Extremist Elements Within the Christian Right by Sara Diamond (1986)
aquinas.txt 2822
Biography of St. Thomas Aquinas
archangl.txt 2805
Some Ideas of the Archangels, by Paul Hume (December 26, 1989)
arknoah.txt 4134
Excavation Pictures May Reveal Noah's Ark, by Andrew Turner
art262.txt 3405
7 Important Questions Boys and Girls Ask
art279.txt 3456
Teenagers and Jesus, from the Gospel Tract Society by Scott A. kelsey
art291.txt 5432
Where't We Founded by Deists, Unruly Adventurers and Religious Castaways?
art292.txt 6111
Was American Founded as a Christian Nation?
atheism.txt 8373
Athiesm: Simply a Position that "he" Does Not Exist
awaken1.txt 5120
Awaken Issue #1: Questions Which the Leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses Will Never Answer, by Rich Griese
awaken2.txt 12544
Awaken Issue #2: A Jehovah's Witness Presents the Watchtower Bible Tract Society's Views of All other Religions
awaken3.txt 9856
Awaken Issue #3: The Watchtower Stretches the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and Other Watchtower Teachings about Pyramids
awaken4.txt 23168
Awaken Issue #4: The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania Proves That Jesus Was Not the Messiah
awaken5.txt 29824
Awaken Issue #5: Children and the Watchtower
awaken6.txt 17920
Awaken Issue #6: Jehovah God Informs the Followers of the Watchtower to Join in an Celebrate Chirstmas Day
awaken7.txt 12288
Awaken Issue #5: The Facts You Won't Be Told When Jehovah's Witnesses Call At Your Door
b.txt 51664
Baptism by David Kornblum of the Genesis Foundation
b1.txt 37892
Baptism by David Kornblum of the Genesis Foundation (Part II)
b2.txt 42156
Baptism by David Kornblum of the Genesis Foundation (Part III)
b3.txt 36461
Baptism by David Kornblum of the Genesis Foundation (Part IV)
b4.txt 36325
Baptism by David Kornblum of the Genesis Foundation (Part V)
b5.txt 59810
Baptism by David Kornblum of the Genesis Foundation (Part VI)
bbe.txt 4467663
Text Version of the Entire Bible
believrs.txt 4518
Believers and Faith-Holders by Jim Taylor (October 13, 1993)
bennett.txt 30317
A Revolt Against God: America's Spiritual Despair by William J. Bennet (1994)
bibl02a.txt 31872
Computer Analysis and Proofs that God, the Creator of All Things, Did In Fact Write the 66 Books of the Holy Bible
bibl02b.txt 27520
Critique of "Computer Analysis and Proofs that God, the Creator of All Things, Did In Fact Write the 66 Books of the Holy Bible"
bibl_err.txt 16898
Discrepancies in the New Testament by Nicholas Jodar (December 22, 1992)
bible.txt 4608
Taking the Bible Literately: The Things You Cannot Do
bible1.txt 8576
Computer Analysis of the Order and Number of Books of the Bible
bibleerr.txt 27807
Commentary on Some of the Errors of the Bible by Biblical Errancy
bibleref.txt 4096
A Biblical Guide to the Paranormal by Bilford Webster
bibltime.txt 30190
A Biblical Timeline by Hillel E. Markowitz (November 23, 1992)
biglie.txt 5186
The Big Lie about the Bible from the Seed Sowers
boatp.txt 26361
The Boat People, by Scott Mackenzie, and Ben Hills (August 15th, 1992)
bocpray.txt 940678
The Book of Common Prayer: E-text Edition Version 1.0 (December 13, 1993)
breakpnt.txt 3320
Breakpoint with Chuck Colson (February 2, 1994)
c01_tho.txt 34136
THOUT 1 (First Day of the New Year)
caiaphas.txt 5651
People of the Bible: Caiaphas
cain.txt 3563
People of the Bible: Cain
carismat.txt 23552
Charismatic/Pentecostal Movement Within the Body of Christ
catechsm.txt 13070
History and Catechism of the Moorish Orthodox Church of America
cathinfo.txt 51456
The Errors of the Roman Catholics by Christian Equippers International and Richard Yim
catholic.txt 93254
Catholic Chronicle I: The Holy Eucharist: Eating the Flesh of Deity by Keith Green
cbs.txt 48972
A Freethinker Looks at the Pagan Religious System Known as Christianity by Ammond Shadowcraft (December 28, 1991)
ccabuse.txt 5244
Christian Child Abuse: Some Quotes
cd-bba.txt 2965
Being Born Again Delivers You to a Safer Place in the Universe by Clayton Davis
charis04.txt 48000
Charismatic Chaos Part IV by John MacArthur
charis06.txt 48896
Charismatic Chaos: The Third Wave, by John MacArthur
charis09.txt 58368
Does God Still Heal? By John MacArthur
charis11.txt 47872
What is True Spirituality? By John MacArthur
charis12.txt 43008
Does God Promise Health and Wealth? By John MacArthur
chldabse.txt 6334
Christian Child Abuse
chr&civ.d 50934
Why Christianity is Still Professed, by Charles Watts of the National Secular Sociert
christ.d 28752
The Death of Christ, by Charlie Watts
christ.txt 1844
Why Michael and Jesus Christ are not the Same Being, by Greg Lawhorn
chrstfke.txt 4338
The Strange Case of Mssr. Abelard Reuchelin and His Deduction That Christanity is a Hoax
churchst.txt 29959
America and Christianity (January 19, 1993)
claofchr.d 138406
The Claims of Christianity Examined from a Rationalist Standpoint by Charles Watts
clergyab.txt 67731
Clergy and Laity Abuse of People by Alisandra and Ammond Shadowcraft (February 19, 1990)
cntrdcts.txt 69847
Contradictions in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible
cof9201b.txt 926
Rings of Saturn and the Authorized Version: Proof of the Hand of God in Saturn
coinci.txt 11568
What an Amazing Coincidence! By David W. Cloud
contradi.txt 44213
A List of Contradictions in the Bible
contrast.txt 40530
Studies in Contrasts: The Doctrine of Christ
copt_art.txt 31251
An Introduction to the Coptic Art of Egypt by Azer Bestavros
crn0002a.txt 6539
An Article on Nostradomas from the Christian Research Institute (1993)
crn0006a.txt 9125
How New Age is New Age Music? from the Christian Research institute (1993)
crstexps.txt 7817
Chstianity Exposed: The Order of the Left-Hand Path
csad.txt 5249
Churches Shift Abuse Defenses: Holding Groups Responsible "Violates Religios Freedom" by Virginia Culver
cult_pro.txt 100010
Cult Prostitution in the Hebrew Bible? by Ingrid M. Haase (1991)
cwcr.txt 156321
A Commentary on the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz
d&dinfo.txt 13345
Keeping the Heart: The Troubles with Dungeons and Dragons
dandd.txt 23153
D&D: Only a Game? by Christian life Ministries (June 1989)
dathan.txt 6770
People Of the Bible: Dathan
deadsea.txt 24475
Whatever Happened to the Dead Sea Scrolls? By Martin A. Larson, Ph.D. (June 16, 1991)
dig9310f.txt 3629
The Christian Research Institute (CRI) is Not Dependable
doubts1.d 39954
Doubts in Dialogue by Charles Bradlough, Christian priest and Unbeliever
fremas01.txt 33256
The Question of Freemasonry, from The Christian BBS
fremas04.txt 6366
Who Said a Christian Can't Be a Mason?
future.txt 42112
Future: The Second Coming of Christ, by Tony Capoccia
hermebib.txt 77465
Christian Doctrines: Approaches in the Human Sciences Volume 2 by Douglas Rayment (November 1992)
hidnmana.txt 19456
The Hidden Manna: Scriptural Facts from Jesus' Own Word in Testament (1992) by George W. Demers
holiness.txt 9408
The Holiness of God
icr.txt 6406
ICR Under Continued Attack By Bill Honig (Evolution Controversy)
idel2.txt 18882
The Primordial Light: The Ecstatics' Quest (April 18, 1991)
idel3.txt 14526
Pardes: From Sefiroth to Demonology (April 22, 1994)
innjudas.txt 3295
Some Bible Scholars Say Judas Was Innocent by Don Lattin (April 1, 1994)
inspire.txt 7808
Some Thoughts on Inspiration and Preservation by David W. Cloud
inst01a.txt 14336
Lifestyle Leadership Class One
inst01b.txt 10368
Lifestle Leadership Class Two: Effective Leadership
inst02.txt 17920
Spiritual Swordsmanship, or Defending Yourself Against False Doctrines
inst13.txt 20480
Breaking Up the Fallow Ground
islam-10 14168
The Concept of God in ISlam by The Institute of Islamic Information and Education
islmslt.txt 11653
A Description of Salah (Worship) by Mazen Mokhtar
jc-myth.txt 23188
Jesus Christ by Barbara G. Walker
jesus.txt 2557
The Athiest, by Charles Clanton, Jr. (1991)
jesus1.txt 3072
The Proof For Jesus' Existence
jesus2.txt 4096
Some Additional Proof of Jesus' Existence
jewish.txt 34873
The Global Jewish Information Network Project (Directory) (June 13, 1992)
jparson.bio 54240
Beloved of Babylon: An Intrudction to J.W. Parsons
judaism.txt 3720
Judaism: An Overview
judaistr.txt 15974
The Development of Religious Strata: Judaism and Christianity by Lotfi Hermi (December 18, 1992)
jwht01.txt 31920
BBS MESSAGES: The Discussion of the Controversy of the King James Version of the Bible (April, 1994)
manu.txt 26764
Manuscript: Lectures from the English Bible: Manuscript Evidence by the Bible Baptist Church
mark.txt 47011
The Mark of the Beast: A Historical Look
mike.txt 11970
Michael the Great Prince: Who Is He?
moonmen.txt 24468
How Could a Prophet Believe in Moonmen? By Van Hale
moor_usa.txt 13410
The History and Catechism of the Moorish Orthodox Church of America, Virtual Edition (1992)
moororth.txt 13457
The History and Catechism of the Moorish Orthodox Church of America, Virtual Edition (1992)
mor-prof.txt 34301
The Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith
morm07.txt 11829
Joseph Smith's First Vision: Fact or Fable? by W. P. Walters
morm08.txt 9517
Salvation Through Christ vs. The Exaltation of Man
muhammad.txt 12948
From The Baha'i Book by 'Abdu'l-Baha: Muhammad
myth1.txt 67840
Myths About the King James Bible by David Cloud (1986)
myth2.txt 29312
Myths About the King James Bible by David Cloud (1986) Reformation Editors Lacked Sufficient Manuscript Evidence
myth3.txt 77952
Myths About the King James Bible by David Cloud (1986) There Are No Doctrinal Differences Between Bible Texts and Versions
myth4.txt 58624
Myths About the King James Bible by David Cloud (1986) Inspiration is Perfect, but Preservation is General
myth5.txt 80000
Myths About the King James Bible by David Cloud (1986) True Scholars Reject the Recieved Text
p_of_g_p.txt 166490
An ASCII Version of The Scriptures
politic.d 43818
Was Christ a Political and Social Reformer? By Charles Watts
religscl.txt 15987
If You Don't Fight Back, it's Wrong, by Daniel Weisman (January 15, 1993)
roll.txt 42052
Christian Rock N. Roll (Why it Can't Be) from the Sound Doctrine BBS
ros_cosm.txt 1335214
The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception or Mystic Christianity by Max Heindel
rosary.txt 120062
Praying the Rosary: The Essence of Christian Mysticism by Ciny Smith (January 16, 1993)
rspnsbl.txt 3156
On Christian Responsibility, by Jim Taylor (October 13, 1993)
sabbath.txt 36592
Why God Said Remember, by Joe Crews
salvatin.txt 2922
The Way of Salvation, by A.W. Pink
savior.txt 23040
Psychological Savior: An Examination of the Teaching of Dr. James Dobson
sci&rel.txt 2962
Religion and Science: The Opposition
sci_god.txt 12231
On God and Science by Sadaputa Dasa (December 15, 1992)
skeptic.txt 31232
Why Do I Believe: A Skeptic's Guide to Christianity
smokngun.txt 50560
Smoking Gun: A Trial of Jesus Christ by George Walter Demers (1992)
soundbbs.txt 89010
Capture of the Sound Doctrime Church BBS
tcc.txt 4275
Jesus Loves You! Kill Yourself!
thefall.txt 16333
Man's Fall: God's Mercy (A Study of Man's Depravity)
tomorrow.txt 5888
The Fundamentalism of Tomorrow by Chester E. Tulga (1994)
torahlaw.txt 16336
Understanding the Oral Law by Harvey A. Smith (January 8, 1993)
tract01.txt 10346
Thoughts on the Ministerial Comission by J.H. Newman
tract02.txt 9705
The Catholic Church by J.H. Newman
tract03.txt 17898
Thoughts Respectfully Addressed to the Clergy on Alterations in the Liturgy by J.H. Newman
transl.txt 12032
Inspiration and Translation by Dr. Bruce Lackey (1992)
triduum.txt 52443
The Triduum: Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil Mass from the Litergy of Light by Dennis Kriz (April 11, 1993)
trinity.txt 9216
The Trinity Is Not Found in the Bible
trinity1.txt 8192
Explanation of Trinity, Attributes of God, God the Father, Etc.
trinity2.txt 24088
God is ONE: Scripture (May 27, 1990)
trinity3.txt 12288
The Bible's Mention of Trinity
unholy.txt 176000
Unholy Hands on God's Holy Book by David W. Cloud (1985)
unitar.txt 77275
Unitarian Christianity by William Ellery CHanning
universe.txt 29148
How Science and Religion Come Together
unjust.txt 4239
Unjustifiable Hypocrisy by Todd A. Rourke (August 24, 1993)
usa9401.txt 66944
A Collection of Bible Versions and Translations (Ordering Addresses)
warnings.txt 39340
A Collection of Prophecies Regarding the Coming Iraqi War (1990)
wcfaith.txt 80493
The Westminster Confession of Faith
whoisgod.txt 13527
The Prayer of an Atheist Who Loves God
wrdfaith.txt 31232
An Examination of the Word-Faith Movement
xiancult.txt 7381
A Cult-Hunter Looks at Christianity by Lucy Simmons (October 28, 1990)
xmas-chr.txt 5038
Is Christmas Christian? By Hank Hanegraaff of the Christian Research Institute
ymtitb.txt 65104
You mean THAT's in the Bible? By Satyaraja Dasa

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