Occult: Jedi Realism

eYeCoN writes: "These files all relate to Jedi Realism. The name is exactly what it sounds like. It is a group of (approximately 10,000 people, worldwide) who take the teachings of the Jedi from the films and books of George Lucas' Star Wars saga, expand upon them, and apply them to real-life situations - and in fact, every day life. I, myself, am a Realist. :)"

Description of the Textfile
codes.txt 1315
Codes: Poems and Koans of the Jedi
greyinit.txt 4459
Instructions for the Grey Initiation into Jedi Realism
jediwisdom.txt 48948
The Wisdom of the Jedi: Lessons Learned from the Force
mentalinf.txt 115418
Mental Influence: The Jedi Mind Tricks Explained
theforce.txt 8182
A Deeper Analysis of The Force

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