Occult: Pagans and Paganism

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7rays.txt 11127
The Seven Rays: What are They? by RLP
aloha.vrs 1105
Aloha, Sege King: A Full Moon Blessing, by Hugh Read (January 22, 1989)
alumari 843
aridu 842
ARIDU: Based on the Hymn to Ishtar from Acadia
asatru_r.eso 15426
Sources and Resouces for Asatru by Al Billings (March 12, 1993)
asthma.txt 6366
A Circle Purification That Doesn't Use Incense, for Asthmatics, Those with Allegies, and Other Pulmonary Disorders
awaken.vrs 1847
A Pagan Awakening by Jeff Bordeaux (January 3, 1988)
basic.rit 4096
Pagan Ritual for Basic Use by Ed Fitch
bb2q88.txt 61300
Baphmet Breeze Volume III Number 2 (1988)
beltane 1560
The Beltane Chase Song (Traditional)
beltane.asc 30965
Beltane: A Pagan Ritual File
casey 1459
The Ballad of Casey Diess (Traditional)
change.vrs 547
My New Beuty, by Hugh Read (January 10, 1989)
chartwp.occ 1872
Wiccoid-Panpaganite Clique
contactlpag.occ 9355
Contact List for Pagans: Real life and the Electronic Frontier
crossroa.txt 24303
Paganism at the Crossroads, by Skytoucher
cult017.txt 12018
Witchcraft, as mentioned in the Bible, Stories, News
dragreb.vrs 1257
To Dragoes Reborn by Jeff Bordeaux (January 3, 1989)
druidsinf.occ 33578
What Neopagan Druids Believe, by P.E.I. Bonewits
gifts.vrs 1847
A Pagan Awakening by Jeff Bordeaux (January 4, 1988)
halantow 4243
Hal An Tow, Celtic Traditional Song
hollyshe 658
The Holly She Bears a Berry (Traditional)
hornsong.vrs 580
Hornsong, by Hugh Read (January 29, 1989)
iwalkthe 714
I Walk the Unfrequented Road by Frederick L. Hosmer
jonbarly 3579
John Barleycorn (Traditional)
lod3.txt 981
Lord of the Dance, Based on a Shaker Tune
lodance.lyr 4001
Lord of the Dance (Short Version), from a Shaker Tune
magick1.txt 10795
Some Implementations of Magick
manofdou 527
A Man of Double Deed (Tradition)
moon1.vrs 1470
The Moonpool Part I, by Jeff Bordeaux
moon2.vrs 1339
The Moonpool Part II by Jeff Bordeaux (January 2, 1988)
morning 812
Morning Has Broken (Gaelic Melody)
msgs.txt 3332
Tarotic Hygene, by Darren Hanson
norsebib.occ 9181
Religion in the Pagan Viking Age
occ_dir.txt 12672
The Occult and Metaphysical Business Directory, Jennifer Holding, Editor
occbooks.txt 8748
Alan Sante's List of Occult Books
odinism.txt 44858
Some Questions about Odinism
ogma-adf.txt 1609
An Invocation of Ogma by Beth Bock
oils.txt 4864
Seuls Journey Magickal Oils
oldgard1.txt 5810
Reflections on "Old Guard" Paganism by Mike Nichols of the Magick Lantern BBS (March 23, 1990)
oldgard2.txt 4746
Reflections on "Old Guard" Paganism by Mike Nichols of the Magick Lantern BBS (March 23, 1990) (Part II)
oldgard3.txt 4745
Reflections on "Old Guard" Paganism by Mike Nichols of the Magick Lantern BBS (March 23, 1990) (Part III)
oral-2.txt 16462
An Autobiographical Interview with the Late Caliph Hymenaeus Alpha by Soror Lola DeWolfe
order.txt 34040
An Introduction to the Order and System of Ordo Argenum Astrum by Anthra Andromda
organ.txt 5222
Sources and Resources for Asatru
overview.asc 3302
Paganism: An Overview for the Uninformed by Revensong of the Shadow Weaver Grove
p-h_mode.txt 21620
The Psycho-Historic Mechanism of the Aeons, by Pete Carroll
p_dream.txt 1677
I Have a Vision (The Pagan Dream)
p_edge 9604
The Perpetual Edge: The Later Years of Austin Osman Spare by Jaq D. Hawkins
paceegg 1188
The Pace Egging Song (A Spring Equinox Song)
pagan.pub 7129
A Small List of Pagan Publications
pagan.txt 16499
A History of Paganism (Ending at Neo-Paganism)
pagandrg.txt 6269
Pagans and Drug Use: A Collection of BBS Messages (March 1992)
paganfaq.txt 38015
A List of Frequently Asked Questions for ALT.PAGEN (October 1994)
paganismhis.occ 16725
Another History of Paganism
paganismque.occ 11166
A Little Less Misunderstanding (What Christians Don't Understand About Neopaganism) by J. Brad. Hicks
paganman.occ 16433
Pagan Manners, or Are There Any Dead Animals in the Soup? by Grey Cat
paganple.occ 2731
A Pledge to Pagan Spirituality
paganweb.02 10424
The Pagan Strength Web
paganyul.txt 20772
An Asatru Viewpoint of Yule Customs and Traditions (December 21, 1992)
paghist.txt 16806
Some Information on Paganism (1986)
pagnmuse.txt 12858
Some Musings about Paganism
panimals.txt 1974
Power Animas, by Alernon (August 17, 1993)
pantacle.txt 15137
The Pantacle, a Teaching Story, by Gary Dumbauld (1988)
pantry.txt 147618
The Magick Pantry, by Greg Edwards (July 31, 1991)
papyrus.ani 364864
The Papyrus of Ani: The Egyptian Boob of the Dead by E.A. Wallis Budge
patrick.txt 15480
A Brief History and Analysis of Saint Patrick and the Myth, by Warren Stott (May 30, 1989)
pc_1-10.txt 53479
Why Chaos Magick? by Dave Lee
pchrist.txt 21279
The Sacrificial God Man by Ammond Shadowcraft (April 4, 1988)
peace.rit 2570
Full Moon Ritual for the Middle East by Thomas Blackwolfe
pentair.asc 2775
The Supreme Pentagram Ritual of Air by Israel Regardie (1990)
penterth.asc 2726
The Supreme Pentagram Ritual of Earth by Israel Regardie (1990)
pentfire.asc 2818
The Supreme Pentagram Ritual of Fire by Israel Regardie (April 23, 1991)
pentsprt.asc 10615
The Supreme Pentagram Ritual of Spirit by Israel Regardie (April 29, 1991)
pentwate.asc 2969
The Supreme Pentagram Ritual of Water by Israel Regardie (April 23, 1991)
peyote.txt 27779
The Peyote Religion Among the American Indians by Patty Yuen
pgn&jew.txt 5637
Beliefs of a Pagan Polytheist...To His Rabbinical Student Friend...
pgnsm.txt 17129
Paganism, by Eric S. Raymond
planets.txt 5248
A Planetry Hours Chart, by Freyr
planpart.txt 1652
The Parts of the Seven Planets
pledge.cog 2719
A Pledge to Pagan Spirituality
pmanners.txt 16445
Pagan Manners, or, Are There Any Dead Animals in the Soup? by Grey Cat
pmo-93.txt 9889
Pagan Miracles Occur at the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions! (1993)
pod_hist.txt 1824
The History of the Pagan Occult Distribution System (October 31, 1991)
posture 20716
The Death Posture and the New Sexuality by Kenneth Grant
practinf.txt 22960
A Study in Shamanism
prana.txt 18588
Basic Yogic Breathing Control: "Pranayama"
prayer.vrs 1272
A Computer Blessing, by Zhahai Stewart (November 23, 1988)
princip.txt 6042
Principia Chaotica: Chaos Magic for the Pandaemeon
process1.txt 4201
Optional Methods of Defining Sacred Space and Time
project1.txt 15080
Astral Projection Part I: Preliminary Exercises by The Joker and the Occult Crue
project2.txt 14768
Astral Projection Part II: The Separation Process by The Joker and The Occult Crue
property.gem 10271
A Collection of Information about Gems
psd1.txt 16440
Psychic Self Defense by Carlin
psychic2.txt 22400
A Telepathy Experiment
pyramid1.txt 10857
Pyramid Power and Other Effects from Jeff Johnston
qanda.txt 12288
A Little Less Misunderstanding (What Christians Don't Understand About Neopaganism) by J. Brad Hicks
quarters 4480
Quarters: Various Pagan Circle Ceremonies
quiz.txt 4220
An Enlightenment Quiz: Find Out Your Level of Enlightment
rand.txt 13312
The Critical Importance of Ayn Rand by Zoogz Rift
reality.txt 59978
The Fundamentals of Reality by Joe Durnavich (September 27, 1988)
relax1.txt 2961
Some Relaxation Techniques (October 8, 1989)
relax2.txt 1257
Some Relaxation Techniques (October 8, 1989) Part II
relax3.txt 2389
Some Relaxation Techniques (October 8, 1989) Part III
rocksee.txt 4307
Rock Seeing, by Satinka
roseread.me 1664
BBS AD: Rose Media Premium PC Board
rune1.txt 8982
Runes: A Magical Language from Pre-Christian Europe
runes01.txt 3405
What are Runes, by Lokrien of The Sacred Grove
runes02.txt 21439
Runes: An Overview, History, and Description
s_c.bos 118916
sabian.ast 10516
Using the Sabian Symbols in Chart Angle Deliniation by Bill VanAlstyne of StarQuest Data Services (December 29, 1989)
saxon.txt 17491
A Norse/Saxon Bibliography by Helgi Torleif Dagsson Verison 0.31
scarfair 2594
Scarborough Fair (Traditional)
scorpio.ast 3529
Scorpio, by JaniceJ
seidhr.txt 6963
Groups Developing Seidhr Traditions
selfbles.txt 6113
The Ritual of Self-Blessing
selfhypn.txt 4352
Progressive Relaxation and Self-Hypnosis
sex 22303
A Report on Neopaganism: Sex and Spirituality by Thyagi NagaSiva
sh_govrv.txt 12804
FAQ: A General Overview of Shamanism by Dead Edwards (June 25, 1994)
shaman.asc 23452
A Study in Shamanism
shaman.cog 4876
Some Thoughts on Shamanism in the Pagan Community by Bob Gustafson
shaman.txt 13312
A Summary of Dr. Michael Harner's Shamanic Basic Workshop
shaman2.cog 2881
A Rejection of Thomas Morton Alliance's Declaration of Injustice (December 19, 1986)
shaman_1.txt 121641
Earthworks: Shamanism in the Religious Experiences of Contemporary Artists in North America (1991)
shamanaa.txt 6624
The 12 Steps and Shamanism by Matrika of PAN
shambib1.txt 63350
A Bibliography of Shamanism: Listings from the US Library of Congress Catalog
shamfell.txt 18548
Statement of Principles and Ethics: Lifeway Shamanic Fellowship by Michelle Hass
shamnmkh.txt 8610
Some Posts about Shamanism from a Practitioner's Perspective from Michelle Chihacou Klein-Hass (White-Puma)
shamvisn.txt 14641
Shamanic Visions, by Michael May (February, 1988)
sindri.txt 3090
The Story of Sindri
skyrian.txt 11904
Divination by Tarot Cards: The Method of the Skyrian Double Crescents by Vere Chappel (August 26, 1988)
snow.vrs 1088
SNOW: A Poem, by Steve Earl
solomon.txt 39424
The Goetia of the Lemegeton of King Solomon
sorcerie 28918
The Sorceries of Zos, by Austin O. Spare
spells01.txt 4352
Ancient Magical Spells Used about the Beginning of the Christian Era by Egyptian Goetes
spinster.asc 4961
In Grandmother's Lap, by the Spinster Aunt
ssymbol.ast 6599
Savian Symbols of the New Age Network Chart
staine's 969
Staine's Morris (Traditional)
stairs.txt 5130
The Stairway Dream by Satinka Istari (1989)
starwood.txt 4408
The Political Necessity of Doing Public Ritual at Starwood by The Office of the Fifth Deputy Vice-Arch Druid

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