Phone Phreaking: Telephone Cans

Outside of your house, there are secondary connections to your phone line. Somewhere near where you live, there are really big boxes that have connections to all the phone lines around you. Sometimes, people can get into these boxes, and with the right equipment, connect to your phone line. Usually these people are Telephone Repairmen. Usually.

Description of the Textfile
anar8.txt 4840
How to Break into an AT&T Manhole and Get Away with It
attcans.txt 7461
Having Phun in AT&T Cans by Surf Rat (1984)
avoidcap.txt 3281
Planning Ahead and Avoiding Capture for the Canning Phone Phreak
bellinv.phk 12288
Bridging Heads, Residential and Business Multiline Distribution Boxes, Line and Trunk Splitters, and Other Bell System Terminations, by Agent 04 (July 29, 1984)
break.att.manho 5760
How to Break into an AT&T Manhole and Get Away with It!
canfun.phk 6315
Canning Phor Phun and Profit, by The Dark Lords of Chaos
canphun.phk 7178
Having Fun in AT&T Cans, by Surf Rat
fieldphr.txt 10496
Manuscript II: Field Phreaking
fldphk2.txt 12204
Manuscript II Field Phreaking, June, 1988
fldphk3.txt 12187
Manuscript III Field Phreaking II by The Third Cartel 1988
fonepole.phk 4097
Climbing Phone Poles: Tips and Techniques by The Mad Phone Man
fonepole.txt 4161
Climbing Phone Poles: Tips and Techniques, by the Mad Phone Man
function.txt 8247
The Art of Junction Box Modeming (With Interesting Menus from a BBS Beforehand)
hahaha.txt 2854
The Slipped Disk Talks about Test Phones
invadbel.phk 20043
Invading the Bell System by Phucked Agent 04
junction.txt 5839
The Art of Junction Box Modeming by Mad Hacker of 616
killbell.phk 12597
Bridging Heads, Distribution Box, Wire Terminators: How to Use or Abuse them
linefone 3072
How to Make a Lineman's Phone, by Phobos
lines.txt 920
How to Hack the Lines, by Bones
manhole.phk 6079
How to Break Into an AT&T Manhole
newblue2.txt 11635
The Wildman's Guide to Canning (July 25, 1993)
ttc002.txt 6938
Field Phreaking (June 1988) by The Third Cartel
ttc003.txt 12186
Field Phreaking II (July 1988) by The Third Cartel

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