Phone Phreaking: Telephone Access Codes (Codez)

It used to cost an enormous amount of money to call long distance for any large amount of time. One phone company, one price, one high price. And if you were connecting to a BBS across the country for hours at 300 baud, that first phone bill realigned what your parents thought a telephone bill could cost.

Some of the BBS community, intent on calling anywhere they wanted to whenever they wanted to, started learning how to scan for telephone access codes, where you would dial an access number for another telephone company or voice mail system, and then hit random digits until you stumbled onto a "code" that let you dial anywhere you wanted to. An entire subculture rose up to trade in these "codez", and to many casual observers this seemed to be the whole of Phone Phreaking.

Description of the Textfile
0266.txt 2339
Jester's Guide to 950-0266's for the New Phreaker, (November 6, 1989)
14digits 5500
Overview of the New 14-Digit Phone Access Codes, by Bobo T. Hacker
950warn.txt 4935
A Warning about the 950 Numbers 950-0266 & 950-1729
c0dez.pud 51684
Phone Company Codes, by NC
ccnus.phk 1171
The Extortionist Presents: How to obtain AT&T Calling Card Numbers
codehack.phk 5764
What To Look For In A Code Hacking Program, by Dissident
codehack.txt 7680
Professor Falken's Guide to Code Hacking Security
codez.phk 1030
A Plea for Sanity in Phone Phreaking and Code Distribution
extender.txt 675
An Old Collection of Extenders
fh.dox 49876
Documentation for the program Fuckin' Hacker 2.0 (For Code Hacking)
hacktrap.txt 7219
Professor Falken's Guide to Code Hacking Security, 1988
longdist 2285
How To Hack Long Distance Codes
policeco.phk 15165
Fuzz Codes Part II
safephrk.txt 16128
Which Codes are Safe? By UTA Nov. 1990
sprint.phk 1735
Sprint Code Hacking by Luke Skywalker
sprntcds.txt 6174
Sprint Codes by Byte Ryder

There are 16 files for a total of 179,360 bytes.