Phone Phreaking: Telephone Scans And General Numbers

By simply calling every telephone number in an exchange, you could find some of the most amazing things (as well as hundreds of angry citizens you'd woken up in the middle of the night). Test numbers, numbers that told you where you were calling from, odd recordings, you name it. An easy way to make a name for yourself was to simply choose a given telephone exchange, dial everything in it, and casually report all the great stuff you'd found.

If time-consuming scanning wasn't your bag, you could just do a little side research in government and public documents, and find out interesting phone numbers as well.

Finally, you'll find some files that dealt specifically with the telephone numbers themseves; how the Phone Company assigned them, what they consisted of, what interesting issues were being raised by how the telephone system itself was arranged.

Description of the Textfile
0800.txt 5874
Collection of Unusual 800 Numbers, by Emjay (May 24, 1988)
0800numb.txt 47931
Collection of 0800 Numbers by Cryton/Denzil and Defekt
10xxx.phk 6614
Collection of Equal Access Carriers, by Kingpin
10xxx.txt 6019
A Collection of 10XXX Numbers
1800hack.phk 4547
Fear and Loathing in the 1-800 NPA by Pica Man
1800hack.txt 5418
Fear and Loathing in the 1-800 NPA by PICA Man and POW! (February 12, 1988)
1800numb.txt 5238
Toll Free Numbers, by Redbook
1_700.log 16944
A 1-700 Call Log (1995)
227scan.txt 16240
Scan of the 227 Exchange in Downtown Boston, MA (December 25, 1990) by Meem/Rogue
266scan.txt 2000
Scan of the 266 Exchange, by Mudge and Wintermute (Boston Numbers)
312_976 2816
Listing of Chicago "976" Numbers, January 1987 by Leo Langevin
313exchg.dta 28741
313 Exchange Information
313prefx.txt 13064
Detroit Area Phone Prefixes
330scan.phk 2254
Sydney 02-330-xxxx scan list
4082.txt 6472
The Basics of Phreaking 950s #2 by Type A Maniac of the 408 Alliance
439scan.txt 46469
The Wardial Project, November 11, 1990, by Rogue and Meem (Dwontown and Midtown Boston)
500-700.txt 2239
Understanding 500-700-900-809? by Fred Coles (April 12, 1996)
503_541.txt 35919
The Oregon Area Code Split: 503 vs. 541 (June 2, 1995)
800-'s 11207
Toll Free Phone Numbers for Computer Products
800-bbs.txt 11254
Toll_Free BBS Numbers around the Country
800-risq.txt 1298
Warning Against Setting Up a 1-800 BBS Number, by Tesla
800.txt 1114
The 800 Modem List, by Bruce T. Goldman
800_4bbs.phk 4085
How to get an 800# so that everyone can call your hacker board
800carie.ass 44614
800 Service Number Allocation and Company Directory, from the Archives of Brian Oblivion
800com.txt 1232
800 AC Computer Numbers
800ext.txt 689
800 Long Distance Carriers and Extenders (August 25, 1987)
800help.phk 1995
Warewolf's collection of 1-800 WATTS Lines
800line.phk 3085
800 Line List
800m.phk 2996
800 Tollfree Numbers, by TAQA Vigilante
800mhz.phk 7044
800 - 1300 MHz Listening Guide
800npa.txt 45688
List of NPA Numbers Assigned, from Bill Hutting (March 1991)
800nums.txt 1845
Some Public Access 800 Numbers
800numss.txt 5924
A List of Toll Free Numbers, by Redbook
800pre.txt 4518
800 Prefixes
800prefx.con 5218
800 Prefizes, by the Researcher
800scan.txt 5642
"Recent" Breakdown of the 1-800-3XX Exchange 11975
Current 900 Prefix Assignments, from Patrick Townson and John R. Levine (October 1994)
900fraud.txt 1784
900 Number Fraud Case Expected to Set a Trend by David Thompson (April 2, 1992)
950dir.txt 1806
About the 950 Prefix, by The Courier of The Hitchikers
950ex.phk 1863
About the 950 Exchange
950slist.txt 1029
List of 950 Extender Numbers
950spbxs.txt 933
950 PBX's (An Explanation)
950tones.lst 3112
List of the 950 Exchange in the 405 Area Code by Phreaking Of the Industry (February 2, 1995)
959.phk 6739
The AT&T 959 Exchange
960sreal.txt 2934
950's: The Real Story
976.txt 2209
A 976 Exchange Directory
976dir.txt 1689
A Small 976 Exchange List (With menu/selection of a phreak section)
976ex.txt 1643
A 976 Exchange Directory
9999num.txt 5246
The Truth Behind Those 9999 Numbers, by Mark Bluebox
99scan.phk 4914
Exchange scanning in the 99XX portion of an exchange
99xx.phk 747
Jason's scan of the 914-277-99XX Exchange
99xxscan.txt 3229
99xx Telephone Scan, by Tom Brown (June 2, 1984)
99xxscon.txt 2048
99XX Scanning: A Primer
9x_front.txt 10252
The 9x Datakit Network Information File, by PBXPhreak
9x_sglng.txt 33233
Signalling Methods, by Khelbin
about311.txt 2048
The Pseudo-Area-Code 311 by Nigel Allen
acprefix.txt 5245
Calls with Area Code Prefixes: How They're Handled
agreatex.txt 2652
1-800 Extender PBX List Version 2.0 by X-Man
alf-1800.txt 4094
Special 1-800 Numbers, by the Anti-Bell Group (August 6, 1994)
alloop.phk 6801
Loops I've Known and Loved, by Dark Priest
allphone.phk 63188
An Extremely LArge List of Mobile Telephone Frequencies
alooplis.txt 2284
Understanding Loop Numbers (And a List)
area204doc.phk 15089
1991 Breakdown of the 204 Area Code
area306doc.phk 19466
1991 Breakdown of the 306 Area Code
area403doc.phk 23328
1991 Breakdown of the 403 Area Code
area416doc.phk 16981
1991 Breakdown of the 416 Area Code
area418doc.phk 14657
1991 Breakdown of the 418 Area Code
area506doc.phk 10167
1991 Breakdown of the 506 Area Code
area514doc.phk 11753
1991 Breakdown of the 514 Area Code
area519doc.phk 14224
1991 Breakdown of the 519 Area Code
area604doc.phk 19070
1991 Breakdown of the 604 Area Code
area613doc.phk 12204
1991 Breakdown of the 613 Area Code
area705doc.phk 13313
1991 Breakdown of the 705 Area Code
area709doc.phk 12922
1991 Breakdown of the 709 Area Code
area800doc.phk 16583
1991 Breakdown of the 800 Area Code
area807doc.phk 10245
1991 Breakdown of the 807 Area Code
area809doc.phk 36144
1991 Breakdown of the 809 Area Code
area819doc.phk 15451
1991 Breakdown of the 819 Area Code
area902doc.phk 12916
1991 Breakdown of the 902 Area Code 4754
Toronto Area Code 905 Exchanges (effective 04 October 1993)
areacode.con 6000
Bell System Area Codes in Numeric Order for the USA and Parts of Canada
areacode.phk 5141
Now Completely-Out-Of-Date Area Code Listing
areacode.txt 3038
A Listing of Area Codes and Locations
areacodei.phk 4399
Dealing Away Area Codes, from Telephony Magazine
areacodelst.phk 1358416
Completely out of control Area Code/Exchange List (1.3 megs)
areacodl.txt 4954
Area Code Listing by State by The Juggernaut Of The Trade Brigade
attrout.phk 9020
AT&T/BOC Routing Code List
baiq.phk 5568
Revised Listing of Class Codes
blackpgs.txt 5120
The Federal Black Pages, by The Line Breaker 72932
Area Code List by Net Runner
boldloop.txt 11136
Loops and Divertals by The Arabian Night, the Sensei and The Software Brigand
book_1.txt 10379
The Tower of Revenge's Famous Person Number List
book_2.txt 11194
The Tower of Revenger's Famous Number List (December 18, 1989)
bt-codes 11353
Exchange Information about British Telecom Exchanges, Who Mans What, etc.
bt_loc.txt 33703
The Location of British Telecom Telephone Exchanges
can.dat 7252
List of Access Numbers for Datapac and Tymnet Access Across Canada
canadad.txt 1371
Collection of Canadian Area Codes from P-80
carrier.txt 7136
The OCC 10xxx List by Bill Huttig (March 1, 1991)
carrier1.txt 123681
The Carrier Wave (ISSN 1086-0118) Volume I, Number I, October 1995
carriers.mod 7729
Carriers List #10 Volume 10, by MOD (February 1, 1987)
carriers001.phk 3500
800 Carrier List #1, 1989
cellphrk4.txt 8712
What's in a Number Assignemnt Module by the Mad Phone Man
cicslist.txt 6089
Alphabetical Listing of ICS and Carrier Identification Codes (CICS) from a Bellcore Memo by Bioc Agent 003, TUC, and Agrajag (November 1984)
cicslst.phk 6126
Alphabetical Listing of ICS and Carrier Identification Codes (CICS)
cidspec.txt 7168
Introduction to Calling Number Delivery (CND) by Rockwell
cna.txt 4224
Outdated List of CNA Numbers
cna1.txt 5504
List of CN/A Numbers for 1988
cna1doc.phk 1095
CNA Numbers of 1988
cna2.txt 4160
List of CN/A Numbers
cna2doc.phk 4231
More CNS Numbers
cna3.txt 4056
List of CN/A Numbers for 1988 by Fry Guy
cna3doc.phk 4127
Another complete 1988 CNA Listing
cna4.txt 1024
List of CN/A Numbers (April 1, 1989)
cna985.txt 2048
Customer Names and Addresses by Jack Flak (September 1985)
cnainfo.txt 7699
Redemption Soldier's Guide to CN/A
cnalist.txt 5120
Nationwide CN/A Listing ftom Cyprian Southack of The lost City of Atlantis
cnalst.txt 12871
Explanation and List of CN/A Numbers by LawBreaker
cnatext1.txt 4736
The Customer Name/Address System
cnu-020c.txt 80576
Phone Scan of Germany Modem Numbers
codesdoc.phk 14497
North American Area Codes (20 December 1991)
conferen.txt 1298
Teleconferencing Phone Numbers
cotrycd.txt 5211
AT&T International Dialing: Country Codes as of 2-17-85 by Lock Lifter
country.phk 5605
Country and City Codes, typed and Uploaded by Lex Luthor
ctrycodedoc.phk 12996
Country Codes (20 December 1991)
db001.007 11298
Loops N' Diverters, by The Arabian Knight, The Sensei, and The Software Brigand
db001.008 3005
950s: The Real Story, by The Wanderjahr
db001.018 1567
Unlisted Phone Numbers by Wanderjahr
db001.txt 1867
Unlisted Telephone Numbers from the Wanderjahr
dial10.phk 5888
1988 Western Hemisphere CNA Directory, from 2600 Magazine
dial11.phk 15360
Collections of all sorts of Weird Numbers
dial12.phk 1280
Eastlink Mailgrams Directory
dial13.phk 6272
Equal Access Override Codes by Scan Man
dial15.phk 4608
800 Prefixes by The Reseacher
dial27.phk 3584
E. Com Directory (US Postal Service)
dial30.phk 3584
Time/Temperature/Weather Numbers
dial31.phk 2048
Western Union Telecommunications Toll Free Directory
dial37.phk 5888
1986 Breakdown of the 1-800-325 Exchange
dialinfo.txt 2581
Area Codes: 1+10-Digit means Changes for Cross Area Code Customers in NE Telephone
diverter.sty 6596
An Interesting Diversion, by Lord Phreaker, from 2600 Magazine (October, 1985)
dontcall.phk 4673
The Scariest Number in the World, from 2600 Magazine
dpac-num.txt 1785
Unlisted Phone Numbers, by The Wanderjahr
e_1800.txt 3256
An update on Enhanced 800 Call Management Features
ex976.txt 1744
The Slipped Disk's 976 Exchange List
exchg976.txt 6074
976 Exchange Directory from The Hotel California
ext-loop.txt 15345
Micro World's Phone Book Database Version 1.0 by the Lineman (January 1, 1989)
extender.phk 1206
Scan Man's Extender List
famousep.txt 3511
Some Phone Numbers of Famous People
feds.txt 4747
The Layman's Guide to Federal Agencies by Mr. Xerox of The Elite Phreaker's Club 557036
The FEMA Telephone Directory (FTD) As of November 1992
fn.txt 9216
13th Floor Enterprises Presents a Phun List of Phone Numbers
funvoic.txt 2560
Fun Voice Numbers
gescan.phk 2335
Scan of Numbers in the 518-385 exchange, by The Guru
getoff.phk 1290
Getting Off the Earth, if you Want To
getoff.txt 1252
Getting off the Earth, if you want to
good614num.phk 2086
Scen of 614-221-XXXX Numbers
govdialp.txt 3469
Some Government Dialing Numbers
govern.phk 1999
United State Government 1-800's.
govern.txt 2046
United States Government 1-800 Numbers
govtbbs.phk 15870
Goverment Bulletin Board List, 1993
hyaena.txt 75387
Hack and Phreak File #1 by the Hyaena
info2.hac 8630
Automatic Number Identification
info6.hac 5409
PCP List v1.1 - 8/31/88
intenext.txt 1024
An "Intense Extender List"
internat.phk 11264
International Country and City Codes, by Jolly Roger of the FA Mafia
intrfreq.txt 823
Itnernal Frequencies Used by the Phone Company
inwats.txt 3993
The Septic Tank INWATS Database Volume I (June 26, 1986)
is01npasis.hac 109934
International NPA/City Code Listing w/Zone Info from Aeon Flux
ittdials.con 5668
ITT City Call Access Numbers 10884
United States LATA Numbers as of August 5, 1991
latanumsphk.hac 8854
United States Telephone LATA Numbers
ld_carri.lis 32157
List of All Carriers operating in the United States
leftloop.txt 5450
The Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines by Lefty Carlson
legion.phk 4143
The Legion's 800 Listing
linkline 12310
Linkline 0800 by System Network News
linklist.phk 4880
Linkline Computer List
linkops 1592
International Operator Lines by Phantasm (February 25, 1992)
list11 22624
Collection of Phone-Connected Computers
list12 1484
List of 950 Numbers
list14 6328
CNA List
list15 3385
800 Numbers for LD Carriers
list3 2684
Loop File, by Quasi Moto and Blue Archer
list4 1281
The 1-800 Voice Mail Systems
list5 4218
Collection of Software Companies and Telephone Numbers
list6 23583
Hacking and Phreaking Numbers List
list7 8055
TUFF Extender List
list8 2236
Mainframes and Miscellaneous
local950.txt 2308
How to Find Local 950's, by The Prowler and Ice Cube (August 22, 1989)
locsprnt.txt 12715
Local Telephone Numbers for Acces to Sprint Netowrk (1985)
loop.bk 11776
The Book of Lops by Elric of Imrryr from The United States Warez Force
looparou.txt 4879
Loop Arounds by The Phoney Phreak and the Jabberwock
looplist.phk 2357
(Old) Loop Numbers
looplist.txt 11523
Collection of Telephone Loops
loops 8483
Loops Explained, Author Unknown
loops!.txt 7914
A Large List of Loop Numbers
loops.2 7591
Second List of Telephone Loop Numbers
loops.phk 2929
Loops, by Quasi Moto and Blue Archer
loops.txt 7678
The Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines by Lefty Carlson and Landau Limited
loops_2.txt 7684
The Book of Loops by The Arabian Night and the Sensei
loops_tx.txt 7723
Very Large (And Completely Outdated) List of Telephone Loops
loopslst.phk 7904
Large List of Telephone Loops
loopsn.txt 11352
Loops N' Diverters by The Arabian Knight, The Sensei and The Software Brigand
loopstuf.txt 6993
A Couple of Loop-Related Textfiles
mainfram.txt 9994
Mainframe Numbers
massexcgdoc.hac 15231
Massachusetts Exchanges, by Brian Oblivion
mciacces.phk 1467
MCI Access Numbers
mcidials.con 2753
List of MCI Access Numbers
metrport.txt 2914
Metro Access Ports, from The Lost City of Atlantis
milnetd.phk 7670
MILNET Access Numbers, with an interesting mish-mash before it.
misp70.phk 1692
Exchange Scanning (99XX)
modem.lst 5475
Some Toll Free Modem Numbers
modemnum 3818
A Collection of Modem Numbers
mongel.msg 1792
Mongel tells you about 800 numbers
mornumbr.txt 15083
Phun Phreak Numbers #1 by Red Baron of Metalland East
myscan1.phk 3651
OUTTATIME's Scan Series, 216-526-99xx
neatnums.phk 2043
Hodge-Podge of Computer System Dialup Numbers
new800sc.phk 5705
800 Dialin Numbers
newexcha.txt 1229
The Schedule for new Exchange Numbers in 1993
nocaughtatt.phk 4706
How to Change your Telephone Number on the AT&T Network
npa800.phk 46334
800-NXX Numbers Assigned to Who, 9/21/1990
npa_nxx.phk 1103489
Massive, Massive List of all Area Codes and Exchanges
npalistis.hac 8033
World-wide NPA Listing with Zone Info
npas0495.txt 7998
The April 1995 NPA/NXX Report (May 19, 1995)
npasac.phk 39677
Telecom Digest Guide to North America Area Codes
numbaz!!.o_g 11501
Some New Numbaz 2 Hack (1990)
number.phk 2229
More Numbers from the Enterprise: Loops, Dialins, Phone Numbers, etc.
number.txt 2190
General List of Telephone Numbers
number_c.1 28655
The Numbering Crisis in the World Zone 1 by Carl Moore (November 1993)
numberin.phk 2110
The Numbering Plan, by Terminus
numbers 17998
Numbers for the 976 Exchange
numbers.lst 77541
Hacking and Phreaking Numbers
numbers.txt 2639
General List of Weird Telephone Numbers
numbers_.txt 2504
Some Fun Places to Call, of course lacking Area Codes and Therefore Useless
numbersp.phk 1842
Newsworthy Persons' Fone Numbers, by The Slipped Disk
numbs25.txt 4112
A Scan of 800-600-00xx by Jennifer Martino (June 28, 2000)
numbs26.txt 2720
A Scan of 630 231-99xx by Jennifer Martino (1995)
numbs27.txt 3462
A Scan of 800 999-99xx by Jennifer Martino (1995)
numbs28.txt 3533
A Scan of 847-301-99xx by Jennifer Martino (1995)
numbs29.txt 3286
A Scan of 630 307-99xx by Jennifer Martino (1995)
numlist4.txt 4876
A Collection of Different Unusual UK Numbers
numlist6.txt 919
Collection of Phone Numbers: The Hacker's Intelligence
oc005.txt 2341
3rd Number Billing Accepted, part I, by Demon Phreaker
oldmsgs2.txt 7174
Telenet Numbers by Roger Olson (February 13, 1983)
outdials.nfo 2652
List of Outdial Phone Numbers from the Internet
own800.phk 1649
800 Exchanges and Who Owns Them
pacbell.txt 4477
Pactime Computer Access List
part3_tx.txt 53513
A Self-Described "Most Comprehensive List of Dialups Ever Published"
phone-.txt 6491
The Phone Phun Information Sheet #3 (March 1985) by Elric of Imrryr
phone-2.txt 4567
The Phone Phun Information Sheet #4 by Elric of Imrryr
phonefun.txt 6402
Phone Phun Information Sheet Volume 1 Number 3 (March 1985)
phonenums.txt 4980
List of 800 Numbers, BBSes and Interesting Phone Numbers
phonespa.txt 4612
The Phone Phun Information Sheet (Volume 1, Number 4)
phphnum8.txt 15276
Phun Phreak Numbers #8 (List of Telephone Numbers)
phreak-.txt 16384
Phun Phreak Numnbers #8
phreak7.hac 6929
Loops I've Known And Loved
phsxnum.phk 3536
Phone Sex Number List
phsxnum.txt 3455
Large Collection of Phone Sex Numbers
phun.txt 24576
Phun Phreak Numbers, Written by The Joystick
phunlist.phk 5320
A Phun List of Phone Numbers by 13th Floor Enterprises (May 1985)
phunnums.phk 1613
Phun Fone Numbers!
poi-3rd-.txt 4049
How to Bill your Calls to a 3rd Number "The Second Edition) by BiC (March 4th, 1995)
prefx950.txt 1617
The 950 prefix by The Courier of The HitchHikers
prfix532.phk 559
Number Scan of 532
psy900.txt 222224
How to Work the 900 Number Psychic Lines, by Bruce Daniel Kettler (April 18, 1994)
santabrb.txt 10166
Pay Phones for the Santa Barabara District 805
scan.phk 4635
What is War Dialing? By Bungalow Bill
scan.txt 1987
Scanning in the 99xx part of each exchange, by Bioc Agent 003
spnt_acc.txt 3697
A List of Sprint Access Numbers
sprint.txt 1756
Sprint Access Numbers, 1985
sprintports.txt 3582
List of Sprint Access Ports
state.dat 43880
Domestic Asychronous Dial Service at 300, 1200 and 2400 BPS
states.pad 1945
List of States and Zip Codes
swbcd.txt 2475
Southwestern Bell Computer Dial-ups by David Lightman and The Administration
tan.txt 37767
Telenet Access Numbers by Daredevil of P/HUN
telco.phk 29501
List of all Telephone Companies in the United States, 1992 8929
Telephone Loops Explained
testnums.phk 4871
Telco Test Numbers, by Shadow 2600
thebooko.txt 12443
The Book of Loops by The United States Warez Force
tln1284.txt 5123
Toll Library Numbers as of December 1984 by Shadow 2600
tlxcodesdoc.phk 11146
Telex Country Codes List
tml01.hac 27147
The Master List #1 (July 1991)
tollfree.num 11144
Toll Free Numbers for Computer Products
tymnet.ods 1732
Tymnet Outdial Phone List
ukdialup.txt 26625
UK Access Phone Numbers by NMI (May 22, 1992)
ultrad3.txt 10880
The Ultimate in WarGames Dialers (Ultradial 3.0) by Paul Levy
unlist.txt 4278
How to Obtain Non-Listed Phone Numbers (August 1, 1995)
unlisted.txt 1534
Unlisted Phone Number Gathering
vaxnums.txt 2554
Some Vax Numbers from Section 182
vend800.txt 10735
Toll Free Numbers for Computer Products
vox0800.txt 3646
Collection of 0800 Link-Line Numbers
wats.phk 9978
WATS:800/900 Company Ownership Reverse Database, by Professor Falken & The Aptolcater
wats.txt 9978
WATS Version 1.0: 800/900 Company Ownership Reverse Database by Professor Falken and the Aptolcater (1992)
watse.txt 6259
WATS Extenders
watts.phk 1226
WATTS Lines, 1-800's, by the Warewolf
wdial200.txt 7614
Documentation for a "Wargames Dialer" named WildDialer version 2.0

There are 294 files for a total of 6,192,921 bytes.