Phone Phreaking: Voice Mail

Description of the Textfile
3rdpart1.txt 5385
3rd Party Fraud and Voicemail Systems
800vms.txt 1020
1-800 Voice Mail Extenders
amhack.txt 12372
Hacking Answering Machines 1990 by Predat0r of the Blitzkrieg BBS
anmchhak.txt 1233
Hacking AT&T Answering Machines by old Buzzard (September 14, 1995)
ans_exc.txt 2319
Answering Machine Stopper Gadger, by Jon Sreekanth
ansmache.xcl 3653
Making an Answering Machine Stopper Gadget by Jon Sreekanth (January 25, 1993)
aspentut.txt 8040
A Tutorial of Aspen Voice Mailbox Systems, by Slycath
at&t.txt 1234
Hacking AT&T Answering Machines Quick and Dirty by oleBuzzard (September 14, 1995)
audexvp.txt 19656
Hacking Guide to the Audex Voice Power, by Crazybyte
cinditut.txt 12608
The CINDI (Voicemail System) Tutorial
hack6 5241
Hacking Voice Mail Systems
hackam1990.txt 13065
Hacking Answering Machines in 1990 by Predat0r of Blitzkrieg BBS
hackvmb.txt 10057
Hacking & Scanning Voice Mail Boxes: The Tutorial by Legions of Lucifer
lol12.txt 10698
Hacking & Scanning Voice Mail Boxes: The Tutorial by Legions of Lucifer
phonhack.txt 17674
Hacking Telephone Answering Machines by Doctor Pizz and Cybersperm
phreak8 5385
3rd Party Calling and Voicemail Information
tollfree.txt 1314
A Collection of Toll-Free Answering Services
unt-att1.txt 2610
Hacking AT&T Answering Machines by Aoflex of Karma Sutra
vmb.rl 3505
Renegade Legion Presents: Voice Mailbox Hacking by The Knight
vmb.txt 3296
Voice Mail Made Easy by Hagar of Phantom Networks
vmb_smc.txt 15681
On the Essentials of Voice Mail Hacking by the Kryptic Night of SMC
vmbh-rl.txt 3508
Renegade Legion Technical Reports: Voice Mail Box Hacking, by The Knight (February 1991)
vmbhack.hac 3918
Voice Mailbox Hacking, by the Knight of the Renegade Legion
vmbhack.txt 2764
Zod's Voice Mailbox Hacker Doxs
vmbhaq.txt 32929
Voice Mail Hacking by Road Kill (March/April, 1994)
vmblol.txt 13996
Voice Mailbox Hacking by the Legions of Lucifer (1990)
vmbrl.txt 3920
Voice Mailbox Hacking by The Knight of Renegade Legion
vmbs1.txt 3071
Voice Mail Boxes
vmbzan.hac 4774
How to Have Your Own Voice Mailbox, by The Exorcist (July 24, 1991)
vmx.txt 1101
Toll-Free Answering Services
voicmail.txt 3753
Using Voice Mail on the Inner Sanctum by Jesters
xvmecinf.txt 904
Xerox Voice Message Exchange Commands by The Lineman (August, 1986)

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