Phone Phreaking: Wiretapping and Bugs

The Great Fear of people who use telephones to conduct their business (private or professional) is that someone is listening in, taking notes, recording. It's a concern that has allowed some very rough laws to be put into place, and it's a central theme of these files. They tell you how to bug telephones or rooms, get in the way of electronic transmissions, and they even touch on some of the politics behind this method of information gathering.

Of course, it should be noted that not everyone out there wiretapping is a private citizen.

Description of the Textfile
bellinfo.txt 10630
Some Bell Telephone Info, by Phucked Agent 04 (Revised October, 1984)
bug.txt 9176
Automatic Phone Recorder by Atomic Punk (May 1, 1989)
bugdetct.phk 1893
Bug Detection on Home Phones, by Dr. Jimmy and Mr. Jim 7040
Bugging I: A Little Electronics Goes a Long, Long Way by Brew Associates
bugging.phk 7201
Bugs on a Budget, Inexpensive Surveillance, 8-85
buggy.phk 1579
A little history about the Infinity Transmitter
bugphone.phk 4640
An Automatic Phone Recorder, by Atomic Punk
bugstaps.txt 1891
Bugs and How to Tap Someone's Room by Fireball
buildbug.phk 3852
How to Build a Bug Detector by The Gremlin
caller 6623
Notes on Recording Caller ID Signals and Voice Notes
callwai.txt 2878
The Call Waiting Tap, by The Byte
cordless.phk 6713
How to listen into cordless phone conversations, by Beowulf
datatap.hac 3968
Tapping Computer Data is Easy! By Rick Blackmon
detectbug.phk 2912
Detecting Bugs on Home Phones by Dr. Jimmy and Mr. Jim
dltp1.txt 4738
Detecting Line Taps of C-Net Compatibles
dltp2.txt 3585
Detecting Line Taps Part type by C-Net Compatibile
eaves1.txt 14460
Basic Eavesdropping #1: The Electronic Ear by The Freddy and NNAN
es.txt 25505
Electronic Bug Detection
faxint.phk 14663
Fax Machine Interception, from Full Disclosure #23
fmbug.hac 4736
How to Make an FM Wireless Bug, by Johnny Rotten
fmphone.bug 2340
Making An FM Monitoring Device Cheap, Small, and Interesting! by Lord Foul
fonebugs.hac 2199
Bug Detection on Home Phones
fonepole.txt 4097
Climbing Phone Poles- Tips and techniques by The Mad Phone-man
foneptch.phk 29642
Building and Using Phone Patches, by Julian Macassey
fonesci.phk 18900
The Science of Telephone Surveilance, by Eric The Red
intercpt.txt 22529
Pager, Fax, and Data Intercept Techniques
lbt-alt1.txt 3651
Info on Automatic Line Testers (APR) by RiPMax of Liberty
lbt-alt2.txt 3796
Automatic Line Testers (SALT) by RiPMaX of Liberty
lineman.phk 6645
Wiretapping and Divestiture: A Lineman Speaks Out, by The Shadow
listenin.txt 4520
How to Listen to Phone Conversations by The Prowler and Icecube (August 22, 1989)
lmos.phk 4286
How to Monitor a Phone Line (From a Dial-Up Line) with LMOS by Monique
mism32.hac 5248
Wiretape Loophole Concerns by Geoffrey S. Goodfellow
mism36.hac 12928
Private Audience (The Art of Listening In) by The Overlord
mism37.hac 7040
Wiretapping, Bugs on lines, and Listening in, by Forest Ranger
mobfone.phk 9745
How to Get Into the AT&T Network by Building Your Own Mobile Phone
nightl.txt 21788
Trascription: Nightline: FBI, Privacy, and Proposed Wiretap Legislation (May 22, 1992)
phone.tap 4243
How Many Different Phone Taps Work
phonetap.phk 2896
Bug Detection on Home Phones, by Mr. Jimmy
phonetap.txt 3767
Phone Tapping, by Lord Jaxom
phontap.phk 2913
The Call Waiting Tap, by The Byte
precord.phk 5878
Automatic Phone Recorder by Atomic Punk, May 1, 1989
ptapping.phk 14476
Under Surveillance: Phone Tapping by The Dark Knight (November 3, 1990)
swtchbrd.phk 7031
Building Your Own Switchboard by Autopsy Saw
tapfones.hac 11956
Private Audience: A Basic Guide to the Art of Listening In
taphones.phk 3105
How to Tap Into Your Neighbor's Phones, by Lord Jaxon
tapownline.phk 4533
How to Tap your Own Phone Line, by The Smartass Hindering Irritating Timelord
tapphon.txt 8303
How to Listen in to Cordless Phone Conversaitons by Beowulf
tapping.phk 1644
Bugs and How to Tap Someone's Room, by Fireball
tapping.txt 2468
The Call Waiitng Tap by The Byte and Road Agent
taps2.txt 4550
Some Information on Phone Taps
tempest.txt 46237
Eavesdropping On the Electromagnetic Emanations of Digital Equipment: The Laws of Canada, England and
wait.tap 2683
The Call Waiting Tap by The Byte, Distributed by RAM Kracker
wiretap.ana 3896
General Wiretap Information
wiretap.txt 13663
Wiretapping Abuse Report on the FBI in 1991
wiretapp 6479
Wiretapping and Eavesdropping: Is There Cause for Concern? by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
wiretaps.txt 23758
Can Wiretaps Remain Cost-Effective? By Robin Hanson

There are 56 files for a total of 472,516 bytes.