Politics: The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll

Who is Robert G. Ingersoll? Good question. For whatever reason, I'm now in the possession of dozens of this man's writings; they span from reflections on friends he has known to debates about religion and ideas for the future and the position of man in the universe. Since this gentleman lived back around the late 1800's to early 1900's, there are some more recent folks who believe he should live again online. Never let it be said I didn't have space for him.

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abbott.txt 78415
Reply to Dr. Lyman Abbott, by Robert G. Ingersoll (1890)
actors.txt 50127
Robert G. Ingersoll: Address to the Actors' Fund of America (June 5, 1988)
agnostch.txt 39358
Robert G. Ingersoll: Toast to Manhattan Athletic Club Dinner, December 27, 1890
agnostic.txt 79368
Robert G. Ingersoll: Why I am an Agnostic 1896
avarice.txt 28729
Is Avarice Triumphant? by Robert G. Ingersoll
beecher.txt 28823
Tributes, by Robert G. Ingersoll
belief.txt 47338
My Belief, by Robert G. Ingersoll
bible.txt 83228
About the Holy Bible, by Robert G. Ingersoll
biog-01.txt 37266
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation by Herman E. Kittredge
biog-02.txt 27015
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 2
biog-03.txt 31087
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 3
biog-04.txt 57583
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 4
biog-05.txt 54931
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 5
biog-06.txt 30042
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 6
biog-07.txt 39240
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 7
biog-08.txt 29972
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 8
biog-09.txt 53071
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 9
biog-11.txt 43406
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 11
biog-12.txt 109343
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 12
biog-13.txt 13913
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 13
biog-14.txt 52919
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 14
biog-15.txt 32735
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 15
biog-16.txt 25881
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 16
biog-17.txt 68655
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 17
biog-18.txt 48408
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 18
biog-19.txt 94499
Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation Chapter 19
blasphem.txt 126917
The Trial of C.B. Reynolds for Blasphemy, by Robert G. Ingersoll
brook.txt 81076
Brooklyn Speech, by Robert J. Ingersoll (1880)
brooklyn.txt 65423
The brooklyn Divines by Robert G. Ingersoll (1883)
burns.txt 59236
Robert Burns: A Rememberance, by Robert G. Ingersoll (1878)
carpent.txt 49953
The Frank B. Carpenter Dinner by Robert G. Ingersoll (1891)
catechis.txt 100239
The Talmagian Catechism by Robert G. Ingersoll
cathol.txt 17124
A Replay to the Cincinnati Gazette and Catholic Telegraph by Robert G. Ingersoll
centen.txt 53725
Centennial Oration, by Robert G. Ingersoll
chicago.txt 57591
Ingersoll: Chicago Speech, Children of the Stage, What I want for Christmas
chicbib.txt 15806
Ingersoll: My Chicago Bible Class
chr-1.txt 53195
INGERSOLL: The Christian Religion
chr-2.txt 66567
INGERSOLL: The Christian Religion Part II
chr-3.txt 123214
INGERSOLL: The Christian Religion Part III
christma.txt 123798
INGERSOLL: A Christmas Sermoun
civilrig.txt 112091
INGERSOLL: Civil Rights
comegys.txt 34824
INGERSOLL: An Interview on Chief Justice Comegys
creeds.txt 51061
INGERSOLL: Crumbling Creeds
daviswil.txt 110535
Address to the Jury in the Davis Will Xase, by Robert G. Ingersoll (1891)
decday.txt 42705
Decoration Day Oration by Robert G. Ingersoll (1882)
devil.txt 73557
If the Devil Should Die Would God Make Another? By Robert G. Ingersoll (1899)
diderot.txt 24754
Doubt is the First Step Toward Truth, by Robert G. Ingersoll
divided.txt 96131
The Divided Household of Faith: A Few Reasons for Doubting the Inspiration of the Bible, by Robert G. Ingersoll
divorce.txt 111880
Is Divorce Wrong? By Robert G. Ingersoll
ebon.txt 36612
Robert G. Ingersoll: A Tribute to Ebon C. Ingersoll, May 31, 1879
eighthrs.txt 32686
Robert G. Ingersoll: A Criticism of Robert Elsmere: John Ward, Preacher and an African Farm
ernestr.txt 52161
Robert G. Ingersoll: Ernest Renan, 1892
faith.txt 61561
INGERSOLL: The Foundations of Faith (1895)
farming.txt 49022
INGERSOLL: About Farming in Illinois (1877)
fie-ing1.txt 47217
INGERSOLL: An Open Letter to Robert G. Ingersoll by Dr. Henry M. Field
fie-ing2.txt 84676
INGERSOLL: A Reply to the Rev. Henry M. Fiend, D.D.
fie-ing3.txt 35109
INGERSOLL: A Last Word to Robert G. Ingersoll by Dr. Henry M. Field
fie-ing4.txt 43562
INGERSOLL: Letter to Dr. Field
fifth.txt 143546
INGERSOLL: Fifth Interview (1882)
first.txt 44620
The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll: Preface (1882)
forward.txt 3074
An introduction to the writings of Robert Ingersoll
fourth.txt 57655
Interviews of Reverend Talmage, by Robert G. Ingersoll
fragment.txt 85500
INGERSOLL: A Lietter written to Col. Thomas Donaldson, of Philadelphia declining an invitation to be a guest of the Clover Club of that city
freethou.txt 69848
INGERSOLL: Has Freethought a Constructive Side?
gardenar.d 368703
Men Women and Gods, by Helen H. Gardener, introduction by Robert Ingersol
ghosts.txt 78290
The Ghosts, by Robert G. Ingersoll (1877)
gl-ing1.txt 72670
Regarting Colonel Ingersoll on Christiana (by William E. Gladstone)
gl-ing2.txt 103107
Robert G Ingersoll talks to Mr. Gladstone
goldspe.txt 63779
The Chicago and New York Gold Speech, by Robert G. Ingersoll
her&her.txt 55561
INGERSOLL: Heretics and Heresies (1874)
holyoake.txt 57007
INGERSOLL: Geroge Jacob Holyoake
humboldt.txt 30710
indianap.txt 56727
INGERSOLL: Reply to the Indianapolis Clergy (1882)
individ.txt 47652
INGERSOLL: Individualty 1873
indyspea.txt 92566
INGERSOLL: Indianapolis Speech (1876)
infidels.txt 112960
INGERSOLL: The Great Infidels (1881)
infidon.txt 59429
INGERSOLL: What Infidels Have Done
interv-1.txt 118481
INGERSOLL: Bible and a Future Life (Plus Others)
interv-2.txt 114812
INGERSOLL: The Political Outlook
interv-3.txt 112874
INGERSOLL: Justice Harlan and the Civil Rights Bill
interv-4.txt 69343
INGERSOLL: Funeral of John G. Mills and Immortality
interv-5.txt 51748
INGERSOLL: Reply to the Kansis City Clergy
intimate.txt 246786
INGERSOLL: An Intimate View of Robert G. Ingersoll by I. Newton Baker
layser.txt 34402
A Lay Sermon, by Robert G. Ingersoll (1886)
liberall.txt 63951
Convention of the National Liberal league, by Robert G. Ingersoll
man-wo&c.txt 87940
The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child, 1977 by Robert G. Ingersoll
miracle.txt 72659
Myth and Miracle by Robert G. Ingersoll
modthink.txt 46284
Preface to Professor Van Buren Denslow's Modern Thinkers, by Robert G. Ingersoll
moses.txt 314990
Moses by Robert G. Ingersoll
nefropeo.txt 30512
Robert G. Ingersoll: An Address to the Colored People
newyork.txt 68948
INGERSOLL: New York Speech
obscenel.txt 55042
The Circulation of Obscene Literature, by Robert G. Ingersoll
orthod.txt 117414
Orthodoxy by Robert G. Ingersoll, 1884
paine.txt 55150
Thomas Paine: With his Name Left Out, the History of Liberty Cannot Be Written, by Robert G. Ingersoll
predest.txt 15496
A Letter ot Andrew Dean by Thomas Paine
presid1.d 144240
The Religious Beliefs of Our Presidents by Franklin Steiner
press.txt 23512
Address to the Press Club, 1898, by Robert G. Ingersoll
progress.txt 70147
INGERSOLL: Progress (1860-1864)
punish.txt 22223
Is Corporal Punishment Degrading? by Robert G. Ingersoll (1891)
rat1.d 91562
Studies in Rationalism: The Ordeal of Ingersoll
ratific.txt 87451
Ratification Speech by Robert G. Ingersoll (1888)
reason.txt 305348
Reason is the Only Oracle of Man, from Ingersoll
reform.txt 50830
How to Reform Mankind, by Robert G. Ingersoll (1896)
reformer.d 74960
Was Christ a Political and Social Reformer? by Charles Watts
renan.txt 617469
The Life of Jesus by Ernest Renan
reply.txt 92245
A Reply to Rev'd Drs. Thomas and Lorimer, by Robert G. Ingersoll
reunion.txt 66531
1895 Reunion Address, by Robert G. Ingersoll
review.txt 128091
My Reviewers Reviewed, by Robert G. Ingersoll (1877)
rome-1.txt 74912
The Church its Own Witness, by Robert G. Ingersoll
rome-2.txt 108250
A Reply to Cardinal Manning, by Robert G. Ingersoll
saved.txt 94304
The Works of Robert G. Ingersol: Preface (1880)
sixth.txt 86649
Sixth Interview with Robert G. Ingersoll (1882)
sors.d 57903
Charles Watts: Saints or Sinners: Which?
spatind.txt 61215
INGERSOLL: Speech at Indianapolis (1868)
suffrage.txt 47217
Suffrage Address by Robert G. Ingersoll (1880)
superst.txt 71506
What is Superstition? By Robert G. Ingersoll (1898)
syllabus.dos 110629
Rome's Sullabus of Condemned Opinions: The Last Blast of the Catholic Church's Medieval Trumpet by Joseph McCabe
tompaine.txt 54426
Thomas Paine, by Robert G. Ingersoll (1892)
truth.txt 53044
The Truth, by Robert G. Ingersoll
vinpaine.txt 105306
Robert G. Ingersoll: Vindication of Thomas Paine, 1877
wallst.txt 53506
The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll: The Improved Man, Wall Street Speech, Men Women and Gods
what-is.txt 32443
What is Religion by Robert G. Ingersoll
which.txt 58560
Which Way? By Robert G. Ingersoll
why.txt 66992
Some Reasons Why, by Robert G. Ingersoll
whyamagn.txt 47412
Why am I an Agnostic? By Robert G. Ingersoll
woodgod.txt 21028
A Wooden God, by Robert G. Ingersoll

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