UFOs: Sightings and Abductions

Here's a large collection of stories about people seeing UFOs, of coming into contact with UFOs, and being abducted by UFOs. They come from news stories, from personal written accounts, from transcriptions. They make up the meat of the whole UFO phenomenon; people talking about being involved with UFOs on a deep personal level.

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10best.ufo 5146
The 10 Most Compelling UFO Cases in History
abct1&2.ufo 18048
Hudson Valley NY UFO Abductions (June 1, 1988)
abduct1.ufo 7299
Recounting of a UFO Abduction in the Hudson Valley, 1988
abduct2.ufo 11139
Another UFA Abduction along Highway I-84 in New York, 1984
abductee.ufo 3435
AP News Story on Abduction in Waltham, 1988
abmatter.ufo 5202
UFO Abductions: Beyond Matter? Don Sudduth, Nov. 26, 1989
alien.txt 8135
Descriptions of Various Aliens that have come into Contact with Humans
alki.ufo 4096
UFO Sighting Report, West Seattle, Washington, March 13, 1988
anti-abd.txt 6051
Alien Abduction Countermeasures Part 1 by Robert Parish
apr89.txt 4480
April 1989 UFO Reports
archives.ufo 3342
UFO Source Information: The Canadian Government Archives (January 3, 1990)
arnprior.ufo 11697
UFO encounter near Ottawa, Canada - AUG/1979
austrlia.ufo 659
Adelaide, Australia UFO Sighting, 1988
bbun1.txt 7206
Blue Book Unknown Sightings, Part 1
bbun2.txt 28003
Chronological Collection of UFO Sightings
bbun3.txt 26527
Additional Chronological Collection of UFO Sightings
bbun4.txt 27260
Blue Book Unknown Sightings, Part 4
bbun5.txt 8488
Blue Book Unknown Sightings, Part 5
bbun6.txt 16477
Blue Book Unknown Sightings, Part 6
bbun7.txt 26642
Blue Book Unknown Sightings, Part 7
bbun8.txt 27705
Blue Book Unknown Sightings, Part 8
belle527.ufo 2944
UFO Sighting in Belleville, Wisconson
bellevil.ufo 1924
AP Newswire story on a Belleville Aire Force Base sighting
boys.ufo 18337
An Unusual CE-III UFO Report from the Bangor Naval Submarine Base, Aug. 1987
bsmith.ufo 10107
Recounting of a UFO Experience by Byron Smith of Arkansas
burns.ufo 1491
A UFO Sighting from March 22th 1989
chron87.ufo 4569
Chronology of UFO Reports for Late Summer, 1987
chron88.ufo 6098
Chronology of UFO Reports, January-April 1988
circle.ufo 3199
Scientists Record Flashes as Mystery Circles Form in English Cornfields
cirvis.ufo 4228
Communication Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings from Aircraft (CIRVIS)
close.ufo 11642
Close Encounter on Interstate 84, by Phillip J. Imbrogno
cloud.ufo 4526
Mysterious Light Reported, AP Newswire, August 13, 1986
ctflash.ufo 686
Flashes in Sky Attributed to Weather, AP Newswire, Nov. 1987
ds.ufo 967
UFO Report near Edwards AFB
eriedb.ufo 23992
Eastlake UFO Reported by National Guard
ethics.ufo 26719
Ethical implications of the UFO Abduction Phenomenon by Budd Hopkins
fawcettann.ufo 6248
Announcement from George Faucett about Worldwide UFO Sightings being on the Increase
feb89.txt 3712
UFO Reports (February 1989)
fileplot.ufo 936
Odd lot of "Worldwide Abductions"
fyffe2.ufo 1418
AP Newswire story on 1989 Fyffe UFO Sightings
fyffe3.ufo 2205
Fiffe, Alabama UFO Sightings: Verbatim Transcript WBMG Action News, Birmingham, Alabama
fyffeala.ufo 1943
Fyffe Alabama UFO sightings
gb89ja30.ufo 2023
Researchers say photos show UFO in Gulf Breeze, FL
gbsent89.ufo 10477
UFO Sighted over Gulf Breeze, Again?
girls.ufo 6458
Unusual Report of a UFO and a Green-Faced Entity Seen Near an Old USAF NIKE Missile Base, 1988
gulf1.ufo 2339
Article that accompanied UFO Shots in Golf Breezes Sentinel
gulfbrz1.ufo 3786
UFO Group Fascinated by Gulf Breezes Sightings
hudson.ufo 16935
Abductions in the Hudson Valley Area of New York, by Philip J. Imbrogno
hynek.txt 4550
The HYNEK Sighting Report Classifications (Classifying Extraterrestrial Visits)
hynek.ufo 2997
Overview of the Hynek Rating System (For UFO Sightings)
jan90.txt 3584
UFO Viewings of January 1990
jaqvals.txt 4782
The Reality of UFO Abductions, by Jacques Vallee
jul0347.asc 2764
More Flying Saucers Reported, Army Experts Puzzled
jul89.txt 2944
UFO Sightings, July 1989
kingston.ufo 2700
A Partial History of UFOs in the Kingston, Ontario Area
kirtlnd1doc.ufo 5314
FOIA Files: Kirkland Air Force Base, Alleged Sighting of Unidentified Aerial Lights in Restricted Test Range
lakeerie.ufo 11111
Sightings of UFOs near Cleveland, 1988
lucedale.ufo 1486
UFOs sighted near Lucedale, Mississippi, 1988
mar89.txt 2560
March 1989 UFO Reports
marys.ufo 1656
Mary Geest, Co-Sysop of the Darkside, recounts her Sighting
may89.txt 3584
Collection of UFO Sightings from May 1989
mufon89.txt 39748
UFO Reports: 1989
nasa.ufo 2730
Apollo Program UFO Sighting from 1960's Comes to Light, Washington State MUFON, March 21, 1988
nasa1.ufo 26930
Compilation of Material relating to NASA and Sightings by Astronauts of UFOs
norwalk3.ufo 5290
Recent Sightings in Norwalk probably a star, Experts say.
nov89.txt 1920
UFO Reports for November, 1989
oak.ufo 7209
UFO Sighting Report, 1985
oct89.txt 5376
List of October 1989 UFO Reports
police.ufo 1045
Lincoln Police Officer reports UFO Sighting, turns out to be Blimp
rchester.ufo 1469
David Chana reports a UFO Sighting in Webster, NY
rhodbt1.ufo 64515
Various BBS Messages about UFO Sightings
rhodbt2.ufo 21507
Various BBS Messages about UFO Sightings
saskufo.ufo 7936
Saskatchewan, 1933: UFO Stops for "Repairs"
saturn4b.ufo 2698
Apollo Program UFO Sighting from 1960's Come tot Light
saturn5b.ufo 4089
The NASA Apollo-Saturn Rocket Test Launch UFO Sighting
seattle.ufo 1777
UFO Sighting in West Seattle, Washington, March 5, 1988
sep89.txt 3072
UFO Reports from September 1989
strieber.ufo 4619
Abductions Reporting: Associated Press August, 1987
telaviv.ufo 726
Report of Sightings in Tel Aviv, Israel
tiru1.ufo 5145
Report of a Multiple Military Witness Sighting that Occurred Onboard the Submarine USS Tiru in 1966
ufogirls.ufo 2705
These poor women keep getting abducted!
ufoncs19.txt 7725
Doctor Says Aliens Took Her on UFO by David A. Maurer of The Progress
ussrsat.ufo 1639
Fiery Soviet Space Debris Lights Up Night Sky
westpa.ufo 6162
Unexplained Sightinging in Western Pennsylvania, 1987
whatsupdoc.ufo 26566
A Strange Connection (Abduction Story)
wseattl1.ufo 5786
West Seattle, Washington UFO Report, March 5, 1988
wseattl2.ufo 3193
West Seattle, Washington UFO Report, March 5, 1988
wstch.ufo 3282
UFOs sighted in Westchster (Needs Editing)
wythe.ufo 4338
Wyth County Sighting, October, 1987
xufo.ufo 3864
X-Shaped UFO spotted in San Francisco, 1986
zimufo.ufo 1871
UFO Sighting in Zimbabwe, 1985

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